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Movement is my life and passion. I started teaching fitness classes in 1994 and since 2003 I have been running my own club. My perspective on movement has evolved over the years. In the beginning it was strength and fitness. Observing the effects of exercise on the body and well-being, I started looking for the alternative movement techniques. This led me to pilates in 2005.

Tentatively, I began introduce these exercises in my classes. They caught on, but I didn't stop with further exploration. Numerous courses, trainings, workshops and trips to India and Nepal led me to one of the oldest techniques for working with the body and mind. Yoga opened for me the most fascinating chapter in my life with which I want to share and have been sharing since 2013. In 2015 I graduated from OM Yoga Classic School. My teacher was Agata Biernat, an inspiration to many other teachers.

Then in 2017 I started a three-year Yoga Teacher Training using the IYENGAR method, which I completed in 2020. I continue to regularly participate in development workshops, exploring the knowledge of the holistic approach of working with body and mind. As an instructor and teacher I value, above all, meeting people, and these people are an inspiration. I would like participants in my classes not only to strengthen and shape their bodies, but most importantly, to find pleasure and respite from the daily hustle and chaos.

Natalia Greszta
Movement is my life and passion
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